Trusting Toddlers

Montessori & RIE playgroup for parents and their toddlers

age 14 - 30 months

Do you want to be part of a welcoming and supportive community of parents?

Are you looking for company, support and advice (and coffee/tea)?

Do you want to learn more about Montessori and respectful parenting principles?

Come and join us on a wonderful journey of discovery.

Our warm, welcoming, friendly and supportive playgroup has so much to offer to both you and your toddler.

Toddlerhood is such an incredible stage of development that can sometimes be challenging. Our playgroup provides a nurturing environment that supports your toddler’s development and interests, so you can really watch them flourish.

At the same time you’ll have the opportunity to meet and connect with other parents and make new friendships whilst learning about Montessori and other respectful and gentle parenting principles.

Each session includes opportunities for observation, informal discussions, questions & answers so you’ll always feel supported and never feel alone in parenting.


What happens during each session?

During these sessions YOU will ...

During these sessions YOUR CHILD will ...

Each weekly session will last 50 – 60 minutes


You will always feel supported and valued in this community. Parents supporting and encouraging other parents is one of the most beautiful and powerful relationships.


You will learn so much about your baby and about yourself. Respectful parenting is going to change the world and you are a crucial part of it.


This will be a new journey for many of you which is why you will always get support and feedback on anything you need so you're never left wondering if you're doing the 'right' thing.

You take care of your children and I will take care of you!

What parents are saying...

“Aisha made everyone feel welcome and included in the group. She has a great way of explaining the parenting topics without overwhelming you and without any judgment.

I left each session with new knowledge that I could apply immediately and confidently.

I can’t recommend this playgroup enough! I had never heard of the RIE parenting style before I joined and what I learned in those sessions 100% influenced the way I parent to this day. I am so thankful for everything I learned and the confidence I gained as a parent.”


“I loved the very friendly and welcoming feeling that was mostly due to the groups leader Aisha. Being a mother is a very strong but at the same vulnerable position and being judged by other moms is a very uncomfortable feeling.

Aisha’s group created a safe and warm environment that would encourage both me and my daughter to enjoy and learn.I felt happy and fulfilled. And most importantly my daughter was always very cheerful and interested in everything we do.

Go and sign up 🙂 It’s really wonderful, nice and kind experience and it is another wonderful way to bond with your child.”


“I loved the social connections, learning age-appropriate play and parenting ideas and watching my daughter connect with other children.

I loved Aisha’s professional insights and her friendly, calm approach leading the playgroups.

I highly recommend Aisha’s playgroup for the opportunity to bounce ideas and learn from other parents, learn new concepts from a professional early childhood educator, reflect on your own parenting, connect with other parents and watching your child interact with new materials, toys and other children.

It was my favourite activity each week!


“I liked the atmosphere of acceptance (no non-verbal blaming for your child being “different”), open vulnerable mutual sharing, valuable experience and knowledge from Aisha.

It felt very natural, genuine, welcoming, supportive, I felt that it made me a better parent.

I felt confident that I can do this parenting role well (received lots of useful tips and insights) and bigger trust in my child, that everything is as it should be (just different stages of development).

It’s a great place where you and your child are accepted and welcomed as you are, supported, equipped, feeling not alone on the parenting journey.”


What's the cost?

11 weeks for 1980 czk – paid up front before or on the first session

You can pay by card, bank transfer or cash – up to you

Where and when?

A Centrum Logo

MONDAYS at 10:15

A Centrum

Vítkova 241/10

Praha 8 – Karlín

**Starting 16th January 2023**

There are baby changing facilities, potties and toilets available at the venue.

There is a comfortable and safe space to feed or breastfeed your child.

Hot and cold drinks are available.

Aisha montessori rie prague playgroup

Hey, I'm Aisha

I’m a mum of three wildlings: 5 year old girl and 3 year old twin boys. My passion for children developed long before I had kids of my own. I’ve worked in schools and nurseries for over 12 years and developed an understanding and appreciation of just how incredible children are.

My passion was intensified when I started learning more about Montessori, RIE (Resources for Infant Educarers) and then delved deeper into learning about respectful and gentle parenting methods which at their core promote trust, confidence and independent learning in children.

My passion for helping and supporting parents developed when I became a parent myself. Nothing ever prepares you for the changes that happen, to your life, to yourself etc. It’s the most amazing thing, but at the same time so isolating.

I was surrounded by people, but I was lonely.

I had help, but I didn’t have a community.

I had advice, but I didn’t have anyone truly understanding me & what I wanted.

I had information, but I didn’t have anyone to guide me through it.

And this is why I started this playgroup. It was the playgroup that I never had. I wanted to create a space for parents to connect & learn, in a friendly, informal and warm environment. Being a parent is so hard, and knowing that you have a group of friends who are there each week to support and encourage each other provided so much comfort to everyone in the group.

My mission is to provide gentle guidance and support to help parents who feel overwhelmed & isolated. For you to always know and trust that someone is on your side and has your back.

I will build up your confidence, empower you to believe in yourself and equip you with respectful & positive tools to create a more peaceful relationship with your children and bring calm and joy into your home.

I will celebrate your successes and hold your hand through the tough moments.

We’re all in this together and we’ve got this!

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